Level Wound Coil


Level wound coil is also called LWC coil. It is mainly for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. We produce level wound coil as per American standard, European standard, Japanese standard, Australian standard and Chinese standard. The unit weight for level wound coil is about 120kg or more. The level wound coil usually is with 6 coils or 7 coils carried on a pallet and each pallet is with shrinking film wrapped and labeled.
1. RoHS certificate, CE certificate and ISO 9001 management system assure superior quality
2. Professional copper tube manufacturer, fast production and delivery
3. 12 years copper tube manufacturing experience, meticulous care on every order
1. Alloy: C12200, Cu-DHP, C1220
2. Size range:
Outside diameter from 4mm to 22mm (from 3/16” to 7/8”)
Wall thickness from 0.30mm to 1.65mm
Length: in coil
3. Temper: soft annealed temper, light annealed temper
4. Packing: Cardboard flange shall be inserted into each coil and shall be placed onto the top of the highest one. Coils shall be collected into a pile to build 6 coils or 7 coils carried on a pallet. Each pallet with shrinking film wrapped and labeled.
5. Our standard:
ASTM B280, EN 12735-1, AS 1571, JIS H3300 standard – copper tube for air conditioning and refrigeration
6. Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
7. Payment: T/T or L/C sight

Product Origin: China
Model Number:  
Brand Name: ZeRui

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